ISLAMABAD   -  Iraqi Ambassador to Pakistan Hamid Abbas Lafta said that the Prime Minister of Iraq will visit Pakistan soon. 

He said that following this visit, Pakistan-Iraq relationship will be more strengthen including enhancement of mutual trade and resolution of issues which will eventually facilitate to the investors. Pakistan and Iraq are Muslim brotherhood countries and it should be the priority to bring the people and traders of both the countries closer and accordingly the volume of trade should increase between the two countries. 

Hamid Abbass Lafta expressed these views during a meeting with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Capital Office Islamabad Chairman Qurban Ali, at the Iraqi embassy in Islamabad. The Iraqi commercial consul and other officials were also present on the occasion. 

During the meeting,   Qurban Ali and Iraqi ambassador   discussed to improve the bilateral trade, visa issues and arrangement regarding visit of the prime minister of Iraq to Pakistan.

He emphasised to increase bilateral trade and strengthen the between the business community of both the countries. He said that Iraq is importing fruits, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics, textiles etc from Pakistan. He also said that   cement, construction materials and other textile products could also be import and Iraq could also invest in the energy sector. 

Ambassador of Iraq Hamid Abbas Lafta assured that the visa issues would be resolved   on priority basis. He   also said that the exchange of trade delegations between the two countries would boost trade, and open new era of business in both the countries.