Economic meeting

Due to the extraordinary eco­nomic challenges faced by the country, Army Chief General Asim Munir is also playing a pos­itive role in the recovery of the economy in addition to his offi­cial duties.

In order to restore the confi­dence of the business class in the economic future of the country, the Army Chief, in a meeting held at the Lahore Corps Headquar­ters yesterday, talked to the busi­ness community about promot­ing transparency in the exchange of dollars and interbank rates and taxing money exchange. He as­sured me he would bring about these changes.

Highlighting the importance of the Special Investment Facilitation Council, he stressed its ability to at­tract investments of up to 100 bil­lion dollars from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other countries and to strength­en economic decision-making. He also revealed the formation of task forces focusing on economic issues and various sectors.

In this meeting of prominent businessmen and the Army Chief under the chairmanship of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Indus­try President Kashif Anwar, Kashif Anwar recommended the active involvement of all chambers to in­clude the perspective of the busi­ness community in the agenda of the task force.

To reduce the burden of bills on consumers, the business commu­nity made a reasonable propos­al to levy fuel adjustment charges in the winter, as electricity con­sumption is lower during these days. Kashif Anwar called for a tax-exempt economy, which is al­most three times the size of the formal economy, as a practical so­lution to the economic crisis. He emphasised the necessary steps in this regard and a national con­sensus on the chartered economy before the upcoming elections. The Army Chief assured progress on these proposals.

God willing, this important meeting will yield useful practical results and pave the way to getting rid of the economic crisis.



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