IPP stands by security forces: Firdous Ashiq Awan

SIALKOT   -  Former federal minister and Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) spokesperson Dr Fir­dous Ashiq Awan said on Sunday that army stood by nation and her party stood by the people working for national security. “We have to make them strong, they will not leave the people in lurch. They will not leave the people at the mercy of sky-high inflation,” she said while addressing a public gathering in Kobechak on Sunday. She said the coun­try was suffering from in­stability. “Industrialists are making investments in other countries including Malaysia, due to which the country is facing economic crisis,” she said. “We have to restore their confidence and open the closed facto­ries and run them so that unemployment should end and suicides should go,” she maintained. “If the Election Commission wants to play a long innings under the guise of delimitations, the IPP will stand oppose it strongly. We want free and fair elections and are hopeful that we will defeat our opponents following our party mani­festo and road map of solv­ing people’s problems,” she said. Firdous commended Army Chief General Asim Munir for his significant role in stabilising the value of the dollar. Highlight­ing the efforts of the Army chief, she emphasised his crucial role in rebuilding the confidence of the busi­ness community. She noted that this confidence is vital for increasing investments and achieving economic stability. She acknowledged that some media person­alities and pundits ques­tioned the military leader’s involvement in business matters, but stressed that the responsibility of ensur­ing national peace and se­curity falls squarely on the shoulders of the Army Chief and the Pakistan Army. Dr. Firdous pointed to the Army’s past role in restor­ing peace in Karachi when extortion and violence were rampant, highlighting that no political party had made significant contribu­tions to maintaining peace in the city. She underlined the current need to restore confidence within the busi­ness community and em­phasized the importance of the Army Chief’s assurance of support for the country’s economic development.

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