Railways Minister charts plan for revenue boost, safety enhancement

LAHORE   -  Caretaker Railways Min­ister Shahid Ashraf Tarar is actively pursuing mea­sures to enhance railway revenue, as revealed dur­ing his recent visit to the PR headquarters here on Sunday. During the visit, he reviewed the perfor­mance of various railway departments, emphasiz­ing the importance of ef­ficient resource utilisa­tion and the completion of projects in the public interest. The minister also stressed the need to prevent track material theft and secure redun­dant tracks while direct­ing the ministry to com­pile a progress report on transitioning the railway network to solar energy. In a bid to boost freight revenue, he has instructed measures to be taken. Fur­thermore, Minister Tarar ordered improvements to the signal system for en­hanced safety and called for a plan for the disposal of unusable coaches and locomotives. He expressed his commitment to revi­talizing the dignity of the railways and personally ensuring timely payment of salaries and pensions to employees. In a signifi­cant move, it was decided to upgrade the post of Railway Police Constable to Grade 7, underscoring the importance of safety during travel. The minis­ter pledged swift action in case of train accidents.

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