Security, economy vital for sustainable growth in Pakistan: Chairman PHHSA

ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association(PHHSA) Shahzad Ali Malik on Sunday highlighted the importance of security and the economy, emphasizing the need for their strong alliance to drive sustainable growth and prosperity in Pakistan.
Speaking to a delegation of industrialists, he said, “It is evident that both are intricately intertwined and a stable and secure environment is a fundamental prerequisite for economic growth,” said a news release issued here.
“A nation’s ability to attract foreign investments and forge international partnerships heavily depends on its security situation”, he added.
He said, “A robust and growing economy can also contribute significantly to security and economic development generate jobs, reduce poverty, and improve the overall living standard.”     
“To ensure a prosperous future for Pakistan, it is imperative that the government, businesses, and civil society work collaboratively to maintain security and promote economic growth.”
Shahzad Ali said, “This may involve further investments in security infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to business, and implementing policies that address socio-economic disparities.”
He said, “The intertwined nature of security and the economy cannot be overstated and both are essential pillars for sustainable development and prosperity.”    
Shahzad Ali  Malik said, “He will continue advocating for policies and initiatives that recognize and reinforce this interconnection, as it will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter future for Pakistan and its citizens.”

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