US President George W. Bush has said that it seems that if United Sates of America is attacked once again like 9/11, it would be the work of militants hiding inside Pakistan. He stated this in an interview to a US TV channel. Bush said he has no intention of attacking Iran, in an interview in which he also gave some advice to his successor on how to deal with the Islamic Republic. When asked whether his intention was to not attack Iran, Bush replied: "Exactly" -- although he refused to rule out the use of force altogether. "I have always said all options need to be on the table, but my first effort is to solve this issue diplomatically," he said from his Texas ranch. Bush said he was not planning an attack, adding: "I'm chuckling, because, you know, from my perch, my perspective, these rumors happen all the time ... I wouldn't say they're amusing. It's part of the job, I guess." The president accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons and arming and funding groups fighting US forces in Iraq. And he made clear in the interview that he would act to protect Americans or Iraqis from Iranian actions in neighboring Iraq. "The message to the Iranians is: we will bring you to justice if you continue to try to infiltrate, send your agents or send surrogates to bring harm to our troops and/or the Iraqi citizens," he said.