The modus operandi of gender-apartheid is restraining honesty by subjugating females and males to prejudicial gender politics that severely impair and enslave one gender for the convenience of the other – ultimately pampering the privileged gender to a degree where addressing such abuse of human rights inflames their egos which would resort to appropriating the struggles of those they abuse.  

You see, it wasn’t enough for anti-feminists to hijack the sense of being victimized by tyranny – they had to claim that equality was so devastating to their privileges that they would compare their imaginary struggles to that of the victims of the Holocaust. Don’t you know how Feminism killed almost 11 million people?!   

As far as history goes – Feminism has never once incited genocide or any levels of violence, hatred and segregation. If addressing an epidemic such as gender-based violence/bias [affecting billions of women and girls in the most heinous of contrasts] equates to Nazism – then those who parade such a bigoted logic are morally corrupt and consumed in the privilege of gender-apartheid. Do people truly have no shame in appropriating the plight of those who experienced the brutal Nazi rule all just to undermine Feminism?

Patriarchy’s ideological romance with misogyny and sexism to its non-ideological celebration of gender-based abuse affects literally every single human on Earth – manifesting in various ways. While religion is a crowdsourcing element to tribalism and gender-apartheid, the non-ideological element is the assertion of masculinity through violence and dominance by excusing male barbarism with expressions like “boys will be boys” [which is pretty much what religion was invented to enforce in all intersections]. Remember, according to religion, a man who rapes can pay a few shekels to the father of his victim – it’s mind boggling [to me] how women can ever tolerate religion at all.

In order to reform the world occupied by male-authoritarianism that is embraced by the very group that refuses to believe misogyny and sexism are profoundly effective in today’s society – people must be willing to examine this multi-millennial bigotry and admit there is a problem rather than being offended by facts and letting intellectual dishonesty invent erroneous terms like “feminazis” to determine the motive of Feminism.

The task of reformation however falls with the abuser at the end of the day – as the victim cannot prevent his/her abuser from abusing them based on their gender unless the abuser acknowledges why it’s wrong. Feminism educates – it provides evidence that convey facts supporting its claims – whether the abuser believes it or not is all up to them just as ideological fanatics can believe in science [or not] – but when you violate another person’s human rights, Feminism will be there to make sure you take responsibility. Until those with destructive attitudes choose to end their contribution to gender-based abuse – feminists will be relevant and vocally observant. Feminists will not beg those who interfere with equality to embrace Feminism, just as scientists will not beg theists to renounce their brutal ideologies. One can only present an argument, provide sufficient evidence and hope education will enlighten people to strengthen the evolution of social behaviours.   

In Canada, Indigenous women and girls represent only 4.3% of the Canadian female population and yet they also represent 16% of homicide victims which is a terrifying number considering their minority status. The reasons for the homicides are driven mainly by sexual assaults – and it can be applied to a majority of female homicide victims worldwide. Voices that demand justice for the “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls” (MMIWG) is trending in Canada right now while Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims the issue is hardly on his “radar”. It’s a sickening sense of neglect and dismissal that condemn these women and girls to an inevitable death consisting of sexual and physical violence.

Why does it not enrage a society [like Canada] where women and girls are mostly murdered in their own residence by people they are intimate with? According to the official Canadian data [linked in the previous paragraph], 68% of Indigenous women/girls and 77% of non-Indigenous women/girls of Canada were all murdered in their own homes – and 29% of those Indigenous victims and 41% of non-Indigenous victims were killed by their spouse – in other words, the most dangerous place for women and girls [in Canada] is their own home and the person(s) they should fear the most are those they are intimate or are acquainted with. Yet we have anti-feminists asking why women and girls fiercely demand equality and justice – isn’t that ironic? I find it ironic!

In a previous article, I had mentioned a January 2015 Human Rights Watch report on the witch-hunt (literally) that was responsible for women and girls being hacked to death in Papua New Guinea. And now, I’ll take you to Congo where female children ranging from just a few months to 11 years old are kidnapped and raped for the same reasoning [sorcery] – the supernatural [demented] belief in raping virgin girls to receive luck and fortune.

Or what about the reality faced by females in Central America? The fact that sexual violence is absolute and impairs women’s/girls’ rights on a great proportion that they actually have to flee their home countries in order to survive is a harrowing tale of gender-apartheid – but many that arrive in the United States are labeled “illegal immigrants” and often deported back to the world that will sentence them to be gang raped and killed by organized criminals who capitalize on sex slavery.

In a majority of Eastern nations like Afghanistan – a woman/girl who is raped must marry her rapist to preserve the family’s “honour” – such was the story of Gulnaz, a young girl from Kabul. She was raped by her cousin’s husband and according to Sharia, “rape” is a nonexistent issue. A woman/girl found to be sexually assaulted by a man is automatically guilty of “having illegal sex” therefore young Gulnaz was accused of “adultery”, sent to prison and ended up giving birth to a baby girl conceived of the rape. She was then forced to marry her rapist after being ostracized by society [for being raped] and was given the ultimate sentence to be raped for the rest of her natural life. She had 2 more children with her now “husband”.    

You see the pattern yet? Dehumanizing women and girls to sexual objects, inflicting brutal sexual violence on their bodies and leaving them to die is a human “fad” [persisting from the dark ages]. The pervasiveness of patriarchal abuse is a bottomless pit that expands relentlessly throughout the ages like the universe. The deprivation of rights for women and girls is belittled, denied or romanticized – but the gall on these “feminazis” for addressing these harmless matters that only force half of the world’s population to undergo violence and/or discrimination in a multitude of ways that only cripple them to the degree of financial/sexual slavery, physical abuse and/or murder – no big deal – right?

Society also has a very damaging perception of what “rape” is – most believe that boys/men can’t be raped by women because how can males be raped while having an erection which is believed to be a representation of [willful] arousal in the act of sexual intimacy. A lack of education on the matter combined with the predominant misconception of male sexuality dictated by patriarchy is the number one cause of such ignorance. Even a girl/woman who is raped can be aroused but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t rape. “Arousal” is a physical symptom to sexual intimacy – whether it was consensual or not. Not everyone will experience arousal during rape, but there are cases, especially in male rape victims, where arousal is present during the attack and used to dismiss the claim of being raped.

Rape is the act of non-consensual sexual activity – and everything that happens during this event is “rape”, regardless of the victim’s physical responses. When you let patriarchy’s narrative on male and female sexuality dictate your judgment on very fragile matters of life that take away dignity from the survivors of sexual violence – it is you who have a problem and must accept the burden of responsibility to educate and reform your understanding – and Feminism is a tool to help you achieve that.

Many also believe that only gay men will rape other men/boys – which is another dangerous misconception. A heterosexual male is just as likely to rape a member of the same sex to express their need to display male dominance. Although male rapists are the majority in prisons – it doesn’t take away from the fact that a minority of female rapists also exist.

If your preconceived understandings of subjects are grounded in prejudice – your ego may be bruised upon being told “you’re wrong” but you will recover – but the victims of societal misogyny and sexism will continue to suffer in unimaginable ways all because you refuse to let your mind be swayed by silly things like “facts”.

Understand that while many conflate feminists to Nazis to portray Feminism as a vile movement of misandry and Nazism-like horror – you are also condemning men and boys with that same brush of tribal ignorance. Men can be just as vulnerable and emotional and should never be afraid to express their struggles. They should be given a fair chance in family courts rather than lose custody due to internalized casual misogyny/sexism that patriarchy drilled into humanity by constantly dictating raising children is a woman’s job as it allegedly has no masculine qualities. So while the anti-feminist brigade holds Feminism responsible for all the bigotry perpetuated by Patriarchy – such perversion induced by male tribalism will prevent a logical approach to Feminism, whether you’re a male or female.

If Feminism inconveniences you, prompting your intelligence to recoil and enables your rectum to become vocal instead – it’s a circus worthy of a good laugh and you will give pseudo-feminists the fuel they need to garner sympathy – the same way pseudo liberals have garnered sympathy for Islamism. Narcissism arrives in so many perfect colours these days that it attracts even the most logical thinkers of society.  And here I thought I can pass a week without mentioning Islamism – but the reference was necessary as many that oppose Feminism are also very vocal in denouncing Islamism – which is eternally perplexing given the fact that Islamism dictates precisely what Feminism opposes? Let that sink in.