A historic judgement

As a law professional for the last two decades, it’s a matter of pride to critically assume and comment on the historic decision of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, which restored the National Assembly.
The former government of Pakistan, in order to save the power and seat of the former Prime Minister, exploited an inferior article and superseded another article of the Islamic republic of Pakistan’s 1973 Constitution
The biased speaker of the national assembly directed his subordinate, the deputy speaker, to invoke Article 5 of the constitution and sabotage the vote of no confidence brought under the Article 95 and its sub clauses without any investigation, probe, judicial commission or lawsuit.
It was a ridiculous move by the democratic prime minister to take such an aggressive and illegal step to save his own seat.
At this instance, the honourable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, took much-needed steps to save the constitution from becoming a tool at the hands of the speaker and deputy speaker of the national assembly and the one-day-old law minister.
It seems to be a comedy of criminal consent rather than error, that the federal minister assumed the office of the law minister at the eleventh hour, and bombarded the Constitution of Pakistan and in no time, the Prime Minister sent his advice to the President to dissolve the National Assembly and the President of Pakistan ends this filthy game with the constitution by completely twisting and breaking the book of the law or in Pakistan.
I must appreciate the role of the establishment, which stayed away from all the unlawful acts of the then government and did not intervene in spite of being called in to help and act at various points. The most competent bench of judges’ headed by the Chief Justice gave full opportunity to all stakeholders including political parties and the lawyers of the deputy speaker and President to present their point of view.
The most hurtful activity in between for me was the lawyer of the President, who indirectly threatened the honourable panel of judges by giving a reference example of proceedings in which the honourable judges of the Supreme Court of another country were being arrested and punished for over ruling the proceedings of a parliament.
The most responsible and prestigious individual of our state, the honourable Chief Justice, responded with a smile on this accession, showing great character. After listening to the bar council and all stakeholders, the Supreme Court made a historical decision by restoring the parliament and the vote of no confidence.
I salute the honourable judiciary of the Supreme Court for saving the true spirit of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and also salute the establishment for being the guardian of the Constitution of Pakistan. It is very important to mention here that the Pakistan Army played a great role in keeping away from this political crisis made by the former Prime Minister. Long live Pakistan.


Mubashir Bhutta
The writer is an advocate and a civil rights activist.

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