Govt lasting term vital to national development, says Shafay Hussain

Provincial Minister for Commerce and Industry Chaudhry Shafay Hussain has emphasized the crucial role of an elected government's full tenure in fostering the development and prosperity of both nation and the state.

During a media talk in Gujrat, he asserted to end the monoply of wheat mafia to cease exploiting farmers, advocating for an end to wheat imports to ensure fair returns for agricultural producers.

He also announced the forthcoming establishment of an industrial zone near the vicinity of the motorway, aligning with federal policy objectives.

Addressing the pressing issue of escalating electricity prices, the provincial minister highlighted their detrimental impact on the economy.

He proposed a solution to the electricity crisis through a transition to solar power, suggesting the potential establishment of factories to manufacture solar panels, thus reducing reliance on costly electricity sources.

Turning to the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Minister Hussain outlined plans for its upgradation, including the upgrading of three TEVTA colleges in Lahore to international standards.

He emphasized the importance of equipping youth with cutting-edge technical skills to compete in the international job market.

In a bid to expand job opportunities for educated youth, he disclosed collaborative initiatives with Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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