KARACHI - A group of Pakistani fishermen saved the life of an abandoned man, apparently a Chinese citizen, floating in the Arabian Sea near the Karachi coast.

As per the details, the fishermen on board their fishing trawler, Al-Madina, were on a fishing expedition when they spotted a bright orange object floating in the sea at 9:30 am near the creek areas of the city. On using their binoculars, the Karachi fishermen realised that it was a person wearing a life jacket floating in the sea. Meanwhile, Nakhuda (boat captain) Haji Abdullah decided to save the life of the person and turned the direction of his boat and fished out the man from the water.

Talking to the publication, the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum’s (PFF) Kamal Shah said, “He looked Chinese and what he was saying, though he couldn’t talk much, also sounded like Chinese.”

He maintained that perhaps he fell off a fishing trawler owned by some Chinese company, adding that it looks like he had been trying to keep himself afloat since Tuesday night.

The fishermen gave him a blanket to keep him warm and juice to help him get his lost energy back but he did not drink much. Later, the fishermen handed him over to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.

Chinese seafarer fell from merchant vessel

The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), in a statement Thursday, said its Sadaqat Base received a distress call from local fishermen a day earlier, where they told the agency that they had sighted a man.

He was sighted by local fishermen whilst he was drowning near the Phitti Creek, it said. The Chinese seafarer was later identified as Zuo Xiang Wei.

Initially, first aid was given to the rescued Chinese seafarer at the PMSA base at Ibrahim Hydri and he was later transferred to PMSA’s HQ for a detailed medical checkup. The agency said it confirmed that the individual fell from a merchant vessel namely “Xin Shang Hai (IMO 9307231)” of Cosco Shipping on 10 Aug near approaches to Karachi harbour.