Punjab govt eager to maintain ‘best’ ties with US: Parvez.

Lahore    -   US Consul General William K Makaneole called on Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi at his office here on Thursday.

The CM noted that Pakistan-US relations had witnessed ups and downs in the past but the Punjab government was desirous of maintaining the best relations with the United States.

The US consul general congratulated Parvez Elahi on becoming the chief minister and expressed good wishes for him. Both discussed matters of mutual interest including expanding bilateral cooperation in different sectors.

The CM said: “Pakistan is a peaceful country and desirous of friendly relations with neighbouring countries,” he added. The chief minister told the US diplomat that all the citizens, including religious minorities, enjoyed equal rights in the constitution while the incumbent government was following a policy of composite development by focusing on the welfare of the people.

Makaneole stated that the USA gives great importance to its relations with Pakistan and cooperation in different sectors will be further expanded with the Punjab government.

Notice taken of damage to Parsi community’s graveyard: Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has taken notice of the damage causing incident to the graveyard of Parsi community near Badami Bagh and sought a report from the Inspector General of Police.

The CM directed to provide complete protection to the inhabited Parsi community in the area and an indiscriminate action should be taken against the persons found involved in damage causing incident to the Parsi graveyard.

The chief minister ordered to bring the elements involved in harassing the caretakers of the Parsi community graveyard in the stern grip of law and directed to arrange an effective police patrolling system near the Parsi community graveyard along with setting up a police chowki. He said that the Parsi community people are peace loving and it is his responsibility to safeguard their rights.

Minorities enjoy equal rights in pakistan: Chief Minister in his message on the national Minorities Rights Day said that the religion of Islam lays great emphasis on safeguarding the rights of the minorities.

 and the Constitution of Pakistan provides protection to the basic rights of the minorities. “The minorities enjoy equal rights in Pakistan and the role of minorities in the development and progress of Pakistan cannot be overlooked. It is our resolve to provide equal progress opportunities to the minorities,” he added.