| Says society can never proposer without rule of law and justice.


ISLAMABAD   -   Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has vowed to defend minorities’ rights in the country as he asked minority communities to join his movement for “real freedom”, saying society can never proposer without rule of law and justice.

The PTI chief said he considered minorities equal citizens of Pakistan and assured them that his party would protect their rights. Imran also condemned the practice of forced conversion of minorities on the pretext of marriage, saying there is no compulsion on non-believers to accept Islam. “The aim of PTI is to provide justice to the people and our war is against elite capture and a small group of people who have been imposed upon the country and have a monopoly on resources,” he said while addressing the minority convention in Islamabad on Thursday.

National Day of Minorities was observed on Thursday to honour the services rendered by minorities for the creation of Pakistan and their subsequent contribution to nation-building. The government declared August 11 as National Minority Day in 2009. Calling justice and rule of law two main components to achieve ‘real freedom,’ the former premier said human rights and humanity are the bedrock of society. “A society can never prosper without the rule of law… Everyone, including rich and poor, must have equal human rights,” he added. Speaking about his upcoming rally in Lahore, the former premier told the gathering that on August 13, his party will celebrate ‘real freedom’ and give a message to minorities that they are equal citizens of Pakistan. He also added that he will also unveil a future course of action on how to achieve ‘real freedom’.

PTI Chief said that they will show the nation the road to real independence in their August 13 gathering in Lahore. He said that a small elite has taken over the country. Their fight is against this elite, which thinks it is above the law, he added. The former Premier said that real justice means that the poor and the rich should be treated equally by the law. “No country can progress without justice, it is what separates humans from other animals,” he added. He said that Islam believes in equality for all humans. “Prophet Muhammad created the state of Madina and made all humans equal citizens of the region,” he added. He added that Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted the Hindus and Muslims to fight the British together but he parted ways after he got to know the congress party’s intentions.

Talking about the arrest of ARY News Head, Ammad Yousuf, he said that in which democracy people are arrested like this? Ammad’s daughter is in shock, he added. Imran appealed to the nation, especially minorities to join his struggle for equal rights. He said the nation, especially, minorities should join his struggle for equal rights in the country as Pakistan cannot go ahead without a rule of law and justice. Imran said he will stage a public meeting and celebrate the real independence movement of the PTI on Saturday at Lahore Hockey Stadium. PTI Chairman said minorities have equal rights in Pakistan and his party was in a struggle for this cause so all the minorities should join his Lahore rally on August 13.