Bushra calls the shots in PTI’s affairs, reveals leaked diary

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD  -  Purported leaks from the handwritten private diary of former first lady Bushra Bibi went viral on the social me­dia Friday revealing her stranglehold over the PTI chief Imran Khan as well as the party mat­ters she seems to have been handling since their marriage. 

The excerpts from the alleged leaks also contain some interest­ing details about the health regime of the former prime minister who had no permission to consume anything else but the one as pre­scribed in the diet plan prepared by his wife. 

Some leaked contents from her diary reveal how Bushra Bibi influ­enced party policies by exercising complete control over her husband in matters of state and the court cases against the PTI chief. The supposed diary also seems to have some missing pag­es which might contain startling revelations. The contents show that Bushra Bibi would dictate the PTI chief and his party on how to keep the government, the estab­lishment and the judiciary under pressure through different means. 

A few lines from the diary dis­close the specific way the party lawyers and the workers would act during the court hearings. 

“Such a gripping narrative should be built, and such a pres­sure should be exerted that the court could not pass any negative verdict”, she writes and further explains that maintaining a pres­sure [on court] means that maxi­mum people should be present in the court. Adding to it, she fur­ther directs that effort should be made to get favorable statements from the noted lawyers besides motivating the public to prevent the court from any adverse judg­ment against Imran Khan. “The purpose is to maintain a pres­sure”, she writes. 

Bushra Bibi goes on to say in her diary that during the court hearing, the lawyers would put important questions, but the PTI chairman has to remain silent during this time.

There is also a leak about the PTI’s strategy regarding a possi­ble imposition of Governor’s Rule in Punjab, the federal government might be thinking of during the time when the PTI chief was about to direct the Chief Minister Parvez Elahi to dissolve the Punjab As­sembly in a bid to enforce early elections. “If they impose Gover­nor’s Rule, the legal team should be ready to fight the legal battle while preparations should also be made to shut the city by a wheel jam strike”, she allegedly wrote in her diary during the turbulent times when her husband was fac­ing multiple challenges after being ousted from power through a no-trust motion. An interesting note about the health regime of the PTI chief Imran Khan is also among the leaked material found from her diary detailing what kind of food her husband should be con­suming in breakfast and lunch. It reads that Khan should drink green tea, juice and eat honey in the morning. For lunch, he should eat kabab, meat and fish with vita­mins. A glass of milk has been pre­scribed at 12 midnight. 

Meanwhile, PTI’s spokesperson clarified in a tweet that neither any diary was among the things taken by police from Zaman Park nor the party’s legal team has filed any report about it. 

“Bushra Bibi is a housewife not active in politics. A continuous character assassination of her in the media is deplorable. Media should avoid ridiculous and plant­ed propaganda against her”, he said. The leaked contents of a di­ary reportedly attributed to for­mer first lady and ex-premier Im­ran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi has made some eye-opening revela­tions how she used to used to run then government of Pakistan Teh­reek-i-Insaf (PTI). 

The diary, whose some of the pages were leaked to social media, revealed how Bibi kept giving po­litical dictation to then prime min­ister Imran Khan. 

Some unconfirmed media re­ports said that the law enforce­ment agencies had taken the dia­ry into their custody from Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore at a time when former pre­mier was arrested on August 5 fol­lowing his conviction in Toshakha­na case. The reports added that Bibi had torn apart some of the pages of diary before it was con­fiscated by the law enforcement. “Bushra Bibi has no connection with any such alleged diary,” the spokesperson said.

The former first lady alleged­ly brainwashed the PTI chairman. The diary reveals that Bibi would instruct the PTI chairman which words he would use to pray. 

It says the judiciary should be pressurised to prevent it from giv­ing any adverse decision.

Bibi, the diary says, continued to make political and strategic deci­sions for the PTI and its chief and used to make sure all these deci­sions were implemented in let­ter and spirit.. In the diary, retired Gen Bajwa has been mentioned in code word ‘uncle’. It’s writ­ten in the diary how preparations should be made to close down the city and hold a wheel jam strike if Governor’s Rule was imposed.

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