Collective responsibility to encourage and uplift the youth, says CM Mohsin

CM applauds achievers at ceremony for Punjab’s position holders

LAHORE   -  In accordance with the special direc­tives of Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the Higher Education De­partment organized a distinguished cer­emony to honor the top achievers from all educational boards of Punjab. 

The event took place at a local hotel and witnessed Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi bestowing cash prizes, certificates, and medals upon the accomplished posi­tion holders. The ceremony celebrated the achievements of 142 students across Punjab’s educational boards who se­cured prominent positions. Commend­ing their triumphs and extending his best wishes for their promising futures, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi warmly congrat­ulated all position holders. He person­ally invited the fathers of students Kashf Fatima and Ayesha Shaukat to the stage, acknowledging their daughters’ success. Notably, both students’ fathers serve as government school teachers. Amidst the ceremony’s ambiance, students presented a recitation of the Quran, fol­lowed by a Naat Rasool Maqbool s.a.w. and renditions of national songs. The distinguished event garnered participa­tion from various esteemed figures in­cluding Provincial Ministers Mansoor Qadir, Amir Mir, and Dr. Jamal Nasir, Sec­retary of Higher Education Javed Akhtar, Secretary of Information, Commission­ers, other officers, students, and their parents. Addressing the attendees, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi conveyed heart­felt congratulations to the position hold­ers and their families. He highlighted his swift decision to revive the tradition of honoring position holders, an initiative that had been discontinued for several years. He expressed his honor in shar­ing a platform with Pakistan’s promis­ing future. Mohsin Naqvi stressed the collective responsibility to encourage and uplift these young achievers and pledged ongoing support for them. The chief minister shared anecdotes from interactions with position holder stu­dents, where their aspirations ranged from becoming software engineers to pursuing CSS. He was moved by a stu­dent expressing his desire to achieve a position akin to his own. This stirred his optimism about the bright future these students hold for Pakistan. Acknowledg­ing the parents who have persevered in providing education under challeng­ing circumstances, Mohsin Naqvi paid tribute to their dedication. He affirmed that the Punjab Government remains committed to supporting the educa­tion of position holders, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping Pakistan’s future. Encouraging collective efforts, he asserted that positive actions taken collectively can bring about significant change. Reflecting on his caretaker government’s extended tenure, he re­counted remarkable achievements, such as cultivating cotton over an area of around 48 lakh acres, saving billions of rupees in foreign exchange. He also shared how strategic decisions allevi­ated the wheat circular debt, saving Rs. 600 billions. Applauding team efforts, he credited the diligence of provincial ministers and bureaucracy in serving the people. Expressing concern over the state of hospitals, Mohsin Naqvi empha­sized the need to enhance their condi­tions. He urged collective contributions to the betterment of Pakistan, highlight­ing the nation’s potential in agriculture and minerals.

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