Delegation from Asean member countries visits FoodAg

KARACHI-The 1st International Food & Agro Exhibition (FoodAg) witnessed a significant milestone on its second consecutive day, as a 50-member delegation from ASEAN member countries continued engagement with fervor and enthusiasm. Held at the Karachi Expo Center, the event served as a platform for cross-border collaboration, showcasing the potential of Pakistan’s agro-industry and fostering meaningful interactions.
During this extended visit, the ASEAN delegation actively explored company stalls and pavilions, engaging in constructive meetings with their Pakistani counterparts. A noteworthy achievement emerged as over 120 productive B2B meetings were conducted on 11th August, 2023. The delegates from ASEAN countries displayed a keen interest in diverse Pakistani products, ranging from Basmati Rice and dates to an array of spices. An agreement materialized during these exchanges, as the Singaporean delegation established a significant trade partnership with Pakistani counterpart, M/s BismillahSehla Processing Plant (Pvt) Ltd. This collaboration resulted in the order of four (04) containers of the finest Basmati Rice, solidifying the appeal and quality of Pakistani agricultural offerings on the global stage. Another pivotal achievement of the day was the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Singaporean company SMCCI Singaporean Hospitality Group and their Pakistani counterpart, M/s. Guard Agriculture Research & Services Private Limited.
In parallel to the trade engagements, the TDAP orchestrated pivotal meetings and visits of Pakistani IT companies of the IT related ASEAN companies. This dynamic exchange included representatives from prominent entities such as P@sha, PSEB, SBT, TPS, and IBEX. The discussions underscored the potential for synergistic innovation within the technology sector, fostering opportunities for mutual growth. Furthermore, the ASEAN delegates expanded their interactions to encompass representatives from Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEDA), recognizing the vital role these enterprises play in enhancing economic diversity and prosperity.
As the visit reached its pinnacle, the TDAP hosted a farewell ceremony at Movenpick Hotel for the ASEAN delegates. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, the Chief Executive of TDAP, expressed gratitude to the ASEAN delegates for their presence and expressed optimism in forging lasting connections. He encouraged them to become ambassadors of Pakistan and to collaboratively strengthen ties between ASEAN countries and Pakistan. Highlighting the potential that remains untapped, he urged the realization of trade volume that matches the immense possibilities between the two regions.
Mufti Hamka Hassan, leader of the ASEAN delegation from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, commended Pakistan’s proactive efforts, particularly those of TDAP, in facilitating seamless interactions and fostering robust business arrangements. His optimism was palpable as he envisioned a new era of mutual collaboration and integrations.
Finally, Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, Secretary TDAP, shared that during the ASEAN delegates’ visit to Pakistan, they engaged in over 450 productive B2B meetings, embarked on 18 insightful field visits, established numerous Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and joint ventures, and solidified commitments for future partnerships. He stated that this landmark event has illuminated the pathway for dynamic economic collaboration between Pakistan and ASEAN countries, setting the stage for a new chapter of cooperation and growth.

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