Joint efforts stressed to control dengue in KP

Peshawar  -   Secretary of Health in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood Islam Wazir, lauded religious scholars for their vital contribution to disease control, emphasizing the need for collaboration between the Health Department and religious institutions to combat dengue in the province.

In a Peshawar meeting with a diverse group of scholars, Wazir stressed the importance of joint efforts in maintaining hygiene and preventing dengue.

He urged scholars to integrate preventive measures into various occasions and Friday sermons, particularly advocating for the elimination of stagnant water inside and around homes by covering containers like pots and tanks to prevent mosquito breeding.

As the dengue season approached, Wazir warned about the swift spread of the disease and urged scholars to use their influence within communities to raise awareness about the risks. He highlighted the collective responsibility in controlling the virus. Dr Qasim Afridi, Coordinator of the Integrated Vector Control/Malaria Control Program, detailed dengue symptoms, including pain, headaches, rashes, and severe cases involving bleeding from the mouth and nose.

Promising unwavering commitment, the scholars pledged to share guidelines through their platforms and social media channels. Eminent scholars from various sects, including Molana Maraj-ud-Din Sarkani, Molana Obaid, and Molana Zafar Zaman, attended the event. Dr Akram Allah Khan, the Focal Person for Dengue in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the District Health Officer in Peshawar, and representatives from the Integrated Vector Control/ Malaria Control Program also participated.

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