Protection of safety wall near Garam Chashma to safe people

CHITRAL   -   Chitral region has faced severe flooding due to heavy rains, leading to blockages in water channels and significant damage. Garam Chashma, a critical junction, needs a safety wall to protect residents from floods. The wall, crucial for safeguarding the area from overflowing rainwater and river, was damaged by recent floods. The National Highway Authority (NHA) plans to rebuild the riverside protective wall post-floodwater recession. This is vital for protecting homes, shops, cultivated lands, and the Garam Chashma road, the sole communication route for 50,000 people and the local university.

The safety wall construction is welcomed by students who travel via buses, ensuring safer commutes. The local community and Chitral University students appreciate NHA’s efforts for enhanced safety and convenience. Negligent disposal of debris during the Booni road construction caused river obstruction, damaging a power plant and causing electricity shortages. Residents advocate for more protective measures, including safety walls along vulnerable road sections by the river. Chitral, a tourist hub, attracts many visitors yearly, but poor road conditions lead to challenges. The region’s plea for infrastructure improvements seeks to enhance safety, livelihoods, and tourism experiences.

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