As the world celebrated International Anti-corruption Day on December 9, Pakistans government is seen to be promoting corruption andprotecting the corrupt. It is very unfortunate that corruption is no longer considered an unacceptable vice, but accepted as a qualification by those in power. Musharrafs government regularized plundering of state owned real estate and state exchequer by his cronies and few khakis, while the scions of our equally corrupt politicianshave made a business by patronizing these robber barons and hefty kickbacks. How else can the elected government justify the appointment of DG Haj, Chairman NHA, Chairman NICL, Chairman SSGPL, MD SNGPL, Chairman SNGPL, MD PIA, CEOs of NBP, PEPCO, OGDCL, Steel Mills, PSO, TCP, PASSCO, FIAetc. If it were not for the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Chief Justice Iftikhar, Pakistan would be amongst the top ten most corrupt nations of the world. SHAHZAD KHALIL, December 11.