LAHORE - The Walled City of Lahore Authority, with the cooperation of Gobi’s Paints, launched the Art and Craft Festival 2021 at Food Street here on Saturday. The festivity will continue on Dec 12 (today) with the slogan of ‘Happiness in Homemade’. Different well-known and budding artisans from Lahore and outside will set up their stalls which included appliqué work, Hazara stone carving and others.


, puppets and dolls, ghuggu ghoray, mirror work, truck art, metal work, music instruments and paintings. Artisans from Krafterina, Satrang Studio, Artisha, Jamshaid, Safia, Gul Khan Art Work, Thatta Khedona, Tare Zameen Pay, Lacquer Art and Niddle Art participated in the event. Moreover, different food stalls will also be placed at the street. To grace the evenings of the event diverse singers including Maham Sohail, Fazal Jutt, Waseem Mazhar Khan and Sain Arshad Ali will also be participating. WLCA Director General Kamran Lashari said that the purpose of the endeavour was to reinvigorate passion.


 and inspire interest of people towards art and craft which was fading and facing a serious threat in the modern age. “It will help the local artisans to boost their skills according to the new and ever changing demands of people. These activities are instruments of promotion of heritage and our handmade crafts,” he added.