Balochistan’s education crisis

The current state of Balo­chistan’s education system is deeply concerning. A recent re­port reveals that a staggering 8 lakh children in the province are out of school. Additionally, 1964 schools lack basic infrastructure like roofs and walls, leading to the closure of 3500 schools due to a shortage of teachers.

Primary school statistics are equally alarming, with 6 thou­sand out of 12 thousand having only one teacher. Furthermore, 11 thousand schools lack electricity, and 10 thousand lack potable wa­ter. These figures reflect poorly on the authorities responsible for ed­ucation in the region.

Balochistan already faces a high illiteracy rate, and urgent action is needed to prevent further de­terioration. The Government of Balochistan must take immediate steps to address these pressing issues, investing in the education sector to safeguard the funda­mental right to education for fu­ture generations.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt