Educational void

Expressing a significant prob­lem in Balochistan, Ayob De­gree College Bulada faces a se­vere lack of teachers, impacting its education system. Despite be­ing a substantial institution, prop­er education is compromised. It’s disheartening to note that many teachers, although receiving sal­aries, seldom fulfil their duties. Some engage in private jobs, while others work in different cities.

Moreover, some present teach­ers don’t enter classrooms, idly spending time in offices. Conse­quently, students are left outside classrooms with closed books. Crucial subjects like English and mathematics lack dedicated teach­ers, hindering students’ future prospects. The absence of proper guidance leads some students to drop out, resorting to drugs and adopting unhealthy habits.

This situation produces degree holders but not educated youth. A plea is extended to the Govern­ment of Balochistan to intervene, save Balochistan’s education, and support students for their future endeavours.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt