RIP Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, a diplomat­ic genius, passed away at the age of a hundred, as stated by the French President in his condo­lence message, calling him a “gi­ant of history.” He made history with a secret flight to China via Pakistan on July 09, 1971, consid­ered one of the most confidential diplomatic missions ever. During his official visit to Islamabad as the US Secretary of State, a press release cited a stomach infection, masking his journey to meet Pre­mier Zhou Enlai in the People’s Republic of China. This meeting marked a pivotal moment in dip­lomatic history.

Kissinger, deeply connected to Pakistan, strongly support­ed the country during the trag­ic events of 1971, despite the im­pending defeat of the Pakistani army. Expressing concerns about Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions, he warned ZAB, “We will make a horrible example out of you.” In Tariq Ali’s book “The Duel,” Kiss­inger conveyed a stern message to Bhutto, emphasising the USA’s reservations about Pakistan’s atomic program. Despite differ­ences, Kissinger admired Bhut­to, acknowledging his intelligence and brilliance during an interview with Oriana Fallaci. Fallaci, in her book “An Interview with History,” described Kissinger as an influ­ential figure who shaped allianc­es, brokered agreements, and held the world in suspense.

In reflecting on Kissinger’s leg­acy, Aamir Aqil concludes with a tribute: “Whosoever Henry Kiss­inger was, his name will always resonate in diplomatic histo­ry. His diplomatic skills will be studied, and though his Nobel Prize was controversial, he re­mains a laureate with a special fondness for Pakistan. RIP Mr. Henry Kissinger.”



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