600 Pakistani professional employees embark on int’l careers

ISLAMABAD  -  In a landmark moment for employ­ment mobility 600 Pakistani pro­fessionals have embarked on in­ternational careers, following the successful negotiation of strategic employment agreements with global partners. This departure marks a significant milestone in the initia­tive led by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource De­velopment, underscoring Pakistan’s commitment to enhancing global em­ployment opportunities for its work­force, said a news release on Sunday.

The initiative, under the guidance of Special Assistant to the Prime Min­ister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Jawad Sohrab Malik has seen the fruition of agree­ments signed merely 90 days ago. The effort has opened thousands of job avenues across diverse sectors for Pakistani professionals, reflecting the country’s proactive engagement on the international stage. Departing from major cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, the professionals ex­pressed gratitude for the seamless process facilitated by the gov­ernment. Their departure, witnessed by families and ministry officials, with Jawad Malik personally seeing off Is­lamabad’s contingent, illustrates the government’s dedication in support­ing its citizens’ aspirations.

The initial batch of 600 profession­als marks just the beginning. This figure is set to rise substantially as global employers continue to conduct interviews and select candidates on a daily basis. The success of this initia­tive reflects not only on the number of job placements but also on the swift timeline of execution from signing agreements in deploying the work­force abroad, all processes were com­pleted within a remarkable 90-day window. It is pertinent to mention here that these are only those candi­dates selected through the Govern­ments Overseas Employment Corpo­ration (OEC) and private Overseas Employment promoters have also made stride due to their agreements. 

To date, with 50 international agreements yielding over 10,000 in­terviews, this initiative has culminat­ed in the selection of 600 candidates ready to showcase Pakistan’s skilled workforce globally. The SAPM empha­sized the critical role of continuous engagement with nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and European countries, alongside participation in global expos and meetups, in securing these opportunities. The synergy be­tween public and private sectors has been pivotal, with the government issuing licenses to private Overseas Employment Promoters, enhancing the scope for Pakistanis to access in­ternational job markets.

A notable milestone in these en­deavors was Pakistan’s first-ever participation in an international HR expo in Riyadh, led by the SAPM. This historic engagement resulted in the signing of many deals, further ex­panding global job opportunities for Pakistanis and marking a significant achievement in the country’s interna­tional employment outreach. Looking ahead, Jawad Malik shared the prom­ising outlook of placing demands with 46 additional employers, indicating thousands of forthcoming job oppor­tunities. Fields such as Healthcare, Engineering, ICT, Hospitality, Finance, and Construction are seeing daily in­terviews with numerous candidates being selected for international ca­reers. The ministry is on the cusp of finalizing further agreements, aiming to double the current number to 100 within weeks, thereby broadening the spectrum of opportunities for the Pakistani workforce across all skill levels. The special assistant reiter­ated the profound impact of overseas employment on improving living standards for Pakistani families and contributing to national economic stability through remittances.

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