Key battles in polls 2024: Winners & losers

ISLAMABAD  -  Several key battles took place in the general elections 2024 all over Pakistan which were full of upsets and surprises. Even political commentators and pundits are somewhat shocked by the provisional re­sults via Form 47 available on the ECP website. 

NA-67 Hafizabad is one of the biggest population-wise constituencies of Pakistan with 8,10,723 registered vot­ers. Saira Afzal Tarrar from PML-N and Aneeqa Mehdi Bhatti, an independent candi­date backed by PTI, were the two women contesting as ma­jor candidates from this con­stituency. Aneeqa Mehdi Bhat­ti won the seat with 2,08,934 votes and Saira Tarrar secured 1,83,020 votes. 

NA-69 Mandi Bahuddin has 601,901 registered voters. Nasir Iqbal Bosal of PML-N bagged this seat with 1,13,285 votes and Kosar Parveen, backed by PTI, secured 1,08,768 votes from this con­stituency as a runner-up. Voter turnout from the constituency was 49.66 per cent.

NA-18 Haripur was won by Omar Ayub Khan, General Secretary of PTI, with 1,92,948 votes, and Babar Nawaz Khan of PML-N came out runner-up in this constituency with 1,12,389 votes. Reg­istered voters in this constituency are 7,24,915 and voter turnout was 49.88 per cent. Omar Ayub won the seat com­fortably by a big margin of approximate­ly 70,000 votes.

NA-50 Attock was the most hustling constituency. Malik Sohail Khan Kam­rial of PML-N won the seat by get­ting 1,19,075 votes. Eman Waseem, the daughter of Major Tahir Sadiq, came run­ner-up by getting 1,09,189 votes. Hafiz Saad Rizvi of TLP took 91,709 votes and Saleem Haider of PPP secured 64,160 votes. Registered voters in this constit­uency were 7,08,131 and voter turnout was 54 per cent. 

NA-59 Talagang-cum-Chakwal also saw a key battle between Sardar Ghulam Ab­bas and Roman Ahmed of PTI. Mr Abbas won the seat by taking 1,41,680 votes while Roman Ahmed secured 1,29,716 votes and came runner-up. Registered voters in this constituency were 6,07,840 and turnout was 58.49 per cent.

NA-92 Bhakkar was a battleground between two electables; M. Afzal Khan Dhandla and Rasheed Akbar Khan No­mani. Sardar Ghulam Abbas had left PTI before the vote of no-confidence in April 2022 and Mr. Nomani had joined IPP but was contesting as independent. Mr No­mani bagged 1,42,761 votes and won the seat whereas Mr. Dhandla was declared runner-up with 1,31,176 votes. There were 5,33,266 registered voters in the constituency and voter turnout was im­pressive at 67.38 per cent. 

NA-71 Sialkot also witnessed a key bat­tle between PML-N stalwart Khwaja Asif and Rehana Dar, the mother of Usman Dar. Khwaja Asif won the seat by secur­ing 1,19,001 votes and Rehana Dar got 1,00,482 votes. There were 5,77,281 reg­istered voters in this constituency and the turnout was 43.67 per cent.

NA-105 Toba Tek Singh was won by Us­ama Hamza of PTI by securing 1,38,194 votes while Khalid Warraich of PML-N was runner-up by getting 1,07,840 votes. The turnout was 56.60 per cent in the constituency with 5,13,857 registered voters. NA-108 Jhang was bagged by PTI-backed candidate Sultan Mehboob by getting 1,69,578 votes. Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, who recently joined PML-N, got 1,34,270 votes. Registered voters in the constituency were 5,82,504 and turnout remained at 59.34 per cent. 

NA-115 Sheikhupura results are con­sidered as an upset by some commen­tators where Jawed Lateef, a long-time PML-N loyalist, lost to Khurram Shehzad Virk of PTI. Mr. Virk received 1,30,255 votes. Jawed Lateef secured 9,41,44 votes. There were 5,46,262 registered voters in the constituency and the turn­out was 50.34 per cent. 

NA-100 Faisalabad results also shocked some pundits. Nisar Ahmed Jutt, a PTI-backed candidate, secured 1,31,941 votes and beat former interior minister Rana Sanaullah of PML-N who took 1,12,639 votes. Registered voters in the constituency were 5,07,880 and vot­er turnout was 55.25 per cent. 

NA-130 Lahore voted in favour of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif who bagged 1,79,310 votes while incarcerat­ed PTI leader Dr. Yasmin Rashid secured 1,04,485 votes. Registered voters in the constituency were 6,08,318 and voter turnout was 52.45 per cent.

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