Political stability imperative for development: Pcmea

LAHORE  -  Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Ex­porters Association (PCMEA) Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf said that Pakistan cannot afford the writ of “I don’t accept” after no party got a clear majority to form the government in the elections, rather, in view of the re-approach to the IMF and the serious challenges facing the economy, unity and solidarity should be shown in the wider interest of the country.

“The incoming government will have to take measures on an emergency basis for the improvement of the economy, espe­cially for the promotion of exports, for this all stakeholders should be taken into confi­dence,” he expressed these views while ad­dressing the advisory meeting in the office of the association. Chairperson of Carpet Training Institute Ejazur Rehman, senior central leader Abdul Latif Malik, senior member Riaz Ahmed, Saeed Khan and oth­ers were also present on this occasion.

Usman Ashraf said that due to the de­terioration of the economy, the people of Pakistan are currently facing severe diffi­culties and the elections have been held, so now the political parties have to keep their differences aside and create a consensus in the wider interests of the country and the nation. He said that whatever government is formed in the future, it will have to go to the IMF programme, so it should start its preparation without delay so that the already struggling economy is protected from further setbacks because due to the hesitancy situation, both exporters and im­porters have to face serious problems.

He said that for the promotion of ex­ports, there is a need to formulate at least a ten-year policy without which exports cannot increase. “It is hoped that the re­sponsibilities of the ministries in the fed­eral government will be handed over to those who are available in the relevant fields who will take decisions by taking the stakeholders into confidence instead of solo flight policies and decisions,” he added. He said that Pakistan is a coun­try with a large population, so we have to focus on our exports and this is pos­sible only when the government patro­nises the exporters and their problems are resolved. He said that we hope that all the political parties will prioritise the interests of the country over their own political interests in the current tough situation and decisions will be taken by consensus which will have positive and fruitful consequences for the country.

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