PTI seeks army chief’s role in accepting public mandate

Gohar warns against defections to other parties n Rules out talks with PML-N, PPP for govt formation

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) has sought the role of Army Chief Gen Syed Munir in accepting its mandate given by the public in the recent gen­eral elections in order to ensure po­litical and economic stability in the country. He also demanded immedi­ate release of their party’s all political prisoners. Congratulating the nation over the conduct of the elections, the army chief, the other day, had said the nation needed stable hands and a healing touch to move on from the politics of anarchy and polarisation.

“Healing touch means there should be no political prisoners in the coun­try,” Gohar said while referring to the army chief’s remarks, during an inter interview to foreign media yesterday.

“PTI mandate has to be respected. Short of it there can be no healing touch,” he said. “United government means that every party should be united in one thing, which is that you have to respect and regard people’s mandate first,” he said.

The politician, who won the gen­eral elections from the NA-10 con­stituency, added: “The people have spoken [through the vote] and for the first time they have spoken in a very tough situation [amid a crack­down against PTI].” In the interview, the PTI chairman said that 95 out of the 102 total independent candi­dates were backed by the party and remained its loyalists. The PTI will also contest the results in “at least 50 seats” where it considers the results have been manipulated. The lawyer-cum-politician maintained his party is “near victory in Punjab” and has “two-thirds majority in Khyber Pak­htunkhwa”. “We are actually close to the final figure in the Centre. We would be hopefully forming the gov­ernment in the Center, as well as Punjab and the KP,” he added. PTI leader Barrister Go­har Ali Khan has ruled out talks with both the PML-N and the PPP for forming the next federal government.

Talking to media here, he said: “We don’t feel comfortable with both of them for talks. There will be no talk with anyone to make a government or to make a government to­gether with them. It is better to sit in the op­position than to make a government with them but we think we have the majority.” He reiterated that the party would form the op­position if its mandate was not accepted.

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan has strongly re­acted to the decision of PTI-backed inde­pendent Member of the National Assembly, Waseem Qadir, to join the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

In his statement, Khan emphasized that all independent candidates supported by the PTI have remained in contact with the party. He clarified that there had been no communication with Waseem Qadir re­garding his decision to join the PML-N.

The PTI leader cautioned against the con­sequences of changing loyalties after ben­efiting from someone’s support, citing the fate of those who had done so in the past.

He emphasized that the PTI did not co­erce anyone into submitting affidavits or resignations, expressing concern over the possibility of some individuals switching allegiances.

Regarding the ongoing negotiations with a party regarding certain seats, Barris­ter Gohar stated that no final decision had been made about which party to align with. He emphasized the PTI’s commitment to charting a cautious path and avoiding al­liances that may compromise their prin­ciples. He urged the party supporters to participate in peaceful protests across the country against alleged rigging in polls.

In a message on X, he said the nation had reposed their confidence in Imran Khan’s message of “ghulami na manzoor [slavery unacceptable” and came out in large num­bers to vote on Feb 8.

“But instead of surrendering to the deci­sion of the people, they are trying to steal the people’s mandate,” Gohar claimed, add­ing that the PTI founder Imran Khan want­ed supporters to hold peaceful demonstra­tions today against the delay in poll results.

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