Water supply from Hub Dam restored after canal breach plugged

KARACHI  -  Residents of districts West and Keamari heaved a sigh of re­lief when water supply was re­stored in their areas after four-day disruption due to a breach in the Hub Canal.

The Karachi Water and Sew­erage Corporation said that the canal had cracked due to heavy rain and subsequent power breakdown at the Hub Pumping Station and the repair work had been completed on Friday eve­ning on an emergency basis.

KWSC Chief Executive Officer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed told Dawn that normal water supply to the city had been started from the Hub Canal. He added that wa­ter to the two affected districts had been supplied normally from the alternative line of K-III during the repair work.

He said that the K-III, which brought water to district West from Keenjhar Lake, was actu­ally designed to supply water to Balida Town, Orangi Town and Manghopir in addition to water supply from Hub Canal.

He said that the reliance on the 84-inch line increased due to damage to the Hub Canal leading to short supply of water in some parts of the district West. Con­trary to the KWSC claim, many residents of Baldia Town and adjoining localities complained that the water supply had not so far been restored to their areas. 

The chief engineer of the wa­ter utility said that the water was being supplied in parts of the two districts at different timings in turns. Meanwhile, a water util­ity spokesperson said that water from Hub Dam was blocked and dewatering pumps were installed to empty the affected portion of the canal so that the repair work could be completed soon.

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