Pak surgeon sets another Guinness world record

RAWALPINDI - The management of Guinness World Record has certified and confirmed that Consultant Surgeon CDA Hospital Dr Naeem Taj has successfully achieved a new Guinness World Record title for ‘youngest person to have gallstones and gall bladder removed.’
They have congratulated to Dr Naeem Taj on record-breaking achievement and declared it as officially amazing. Guinness World Record confirmed  that the record has been approved and ‘the youngest person to have gallstones and gallbladder removed is Muhammad Saffi-Ullah (Pakistan, 21 June 2010), who was 4 years and 98 days old when he had been operated in Capital Hospital Islamabad by Dr Muhammad Naeem Taj on 27 September 2014. “The previous record was set by Danylle Otteni (USA) (29 March 2002). She was 5 years and 6 months old at the time she had her gallbladder and gallstones removed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on 14 October 2007.”
Dr Muhammad Naeem Taj has also registered his name in Guinness book of world record in the past by removing the longest gallbladder laparoscopic procedure. He has also operated the oldest woman with gall stones Chaman Jan (107-year-old) in which gall bladder was removed laprosocpically. All above mentioned operations were successfully conducted by Dr Naeem Taj, head of surgery department and Guinness world record holder.
No age is exempted from gallstones and it’s better to prevent its complications by removing it early on before it causes serious complications which can be life threatening, Dr Taj remarked.

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