Saeed Ajmal starts to master carom ball

LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) to set a date for a formal biomechanics test of off-spinner Saeed Ajmal in England.  “The ICC has to appoint its own representative and set a date for the test. “Ajmal believes he is fully prepared to clear it at any time, so, the PCB has decided to help him by all means,” the sources said.
“The panel of bowlers, including Saqlain Mushtaq which is working on Ajmal to remodel his bowling action, endorsed Ajmal’s claim but they are not confident about the effectiveness of his bowling,” the sources further revealed.
“Ajmal has started to master a new delivery called “carom” in which the bowler tries to spin the ball quickly with his middle finger. Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is using this delivery these days,” they added.
Ajmal who has withdrawn from the World Cup 2015 himself said that he had developed some new deliveries while working on his action. “Obviously after modifying my action I have accordingly worked on perfecting other deliveries so it is not that I am just dependent on the ‘Doosra’ now which has caused my action the most problem,” he said.
Ajmal also felt that with the crackdown on bowlers by the ICC in recent months the World Cup will be dominated by the pace bowlers. “Some key spinners will be missing while even those playing now have pressure on their minds while bowling. So overall I think while spinners will play a role in the World Cup but the pacemen should dominate.”
Ajmal said he was disappointed at missing the World Cup as when he toured Australia before he had enjoyed bowling on the pitches there as they had extra bounce. “The bounce in Australia is always good for off-spin bowlers like me as there are greater chances of getting the batsmen to edge or miscue a shot,” he added.

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