LHCBA rejects military courts

LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) yesterday strongly rejected revival of military courts for being ‘a violation of fundamental rights’.

The bar through a joint statement declared “the military courts are not the right solution of the terrorism”. The lawyers said that they were the custodian of the Constitution and had made tremendous sacrifices for the rule of law, judiciary and democracy in the country. They held they themselves became the terror victims and were in favor of strict punishment for the terrorists but the military courts are the right solution. The LHCBA members said the shortcomings in civil judicial system and the democracy were better than any kind of martial law. They further said that the legal fraternity would not tolerate re-establishment of the military courts as it amounts to disfigure the face of the country. They also said they would not allow the Parliament to usurp fundamental rights of the citizens under the garb of military courts.

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