ISLAMABAD   -  Naomi Watts says she ‘opened up’ more during the coronavirus pandemic as she ‘needed to laugh’. The actress, 52, known for her roles in films such as 21 Grams and The Impossible, admits her search for light relief during the ongoing crisis was in stark contrast to the dark, moody films she’s developed a reputation for appearing in. She told: ‘Yeah, look, I can only do me, right. I think I opened up a whole lot more during Covid ... I needed to laugh.I liked that other people might get a laugh out of some stupid things, me sending myself up. I’ll do anything for a joke!’ The actress returns to screens this month in Penguin Bloom, which tells the story of how a broken family comes together and repairs itself. Naomi said it is a ‘beautiful story’ and one of ‘hope and resilience’, which she came across after Australian film producer Emma Cooper mailed her a copy of the book, asking if she thought she could make it a movie.