KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party has announced that thousands of activists of the PPP belonging to Karachi will take part in the long march to begin from the city on February 27, 2022, against the federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. 

The decision to this effect was made at a meeting of the PPP Karachi Division on Tuesday with Sindh Information and Labour Minister, Saeed Ghani, in the chair. Saeed Ghani is also President of the PPP Karachi chapter.

The Information and Labour Minister announced on the occasion that the PPP Karachi Division would organise protest demonstrations, rallies, and sit-ins at the district-level in the city against the issues of hike in the prices of essential commodities, unemployment, and natural gas crisis in the country caused due to incompetence on the part of the present federal government. He said the preparations had also begun for the commencement of the anti-government long march from Karachi next month. 

He recalled on the occasion that PPP was the only political party, which had lately staged protest demonstrations throughout the country against incompetence and ill-advised economic policies of the present government that resulted in the situation of hike in the prices of essential products, joblessness, and gas crisis. 

He said the 220 million masses of the country had to face immense hardships as the present rulers didn’t have the competency and eligibility to manage the governance-related affairs.  He said the protest drive of the People’s Party was further being accelerated as the demonstration, rallies, and sit-ins would be held on a daily basis in all districts of the Karachi Division. 

Saeed Ghani said the food cost inflation had simply become unbearable for the general public to the extent that they didn’t have the financial capacity to arrange meals just twice a day for their families. He said that Sindh accounted for the majority of the gas volume generated in the country but even then both industrial and domestic consumers didn’t have the fuel to meet their daily essential needs. The meeting took into consideration the preparations to be made for the upcoming long march starting from Karachi next month as five different committees were constituted for the purpose to supervise all the preparatory-related work of the march from Karachi to Islamabad. The meeting also decided that a proper publicity campaign would soon be launched in Karachi to make people aware of the plan of the PPP to organize the upcoming anti-government long march.  For this purpose, the PPP will mobilize all its resources at the district, city, union committee, and wards-level in the city.  

The meeting was also attended by General-Secretary of PPP Karachi Division, Jawed Nagori, Vice-President Mirza Maqbool, Information Secretary, Shehla Raza, Deputy Information Secretary Asif Khan, Finance Secretary Khalid Lateef, President of PPP District Central, Masroor Ahsan, Sajid Jokhio, and other leaders of the party.