Pakistani makes world record by reciting 50 countries names in one breath

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani 24 years old youngster, Attshan Ali Abbasi has broken a current world record of “fastest time to recite the names of all countries of Asia & middle East in only 1 Breath (12 seconds)”.

Universal Record Database website “” accepted Attshan Ali Abbasi’s world record and they also uploaded official video of his new world record on their official website link. Attshan Ali Abbasi, a M-Phil Scholar was born in a small village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, District Abbottabad, Pakistan and serving as head of Coordination, National Youth Assembly of Pakistan
has made the World record “Fastest Time to recite all 50 Asian & Middle East Countries in one Breath at National Library of Pakistan Islamabad.

Record Setter World Record Keeping Book (USA) confirmed his record through Email.

Attshan Ali Abbasi is the only man in the world can recite world countries name in 50 seconds, he has also skill to recite European 47 Countries in One Breath, African 54 Countries in One Breath & American Countries in One Breath.

Attshan Ali Abbasi Public Policy Scholar is exploring Parliament of Pakistan, through his final year M-Phil research.

While talking to APP, he dedicated his record to poor people of the world, saying he wants to do something unique in Academia and this record will boost up his confidence.

Further, he added that he has a memory to save things very quickly, and he is very much interested in sharing his knowledge with students which are living in backward areas of Pakistan.

He said he had presented his talent in various universities, colleges and schools of Islamabad, Lahore, Abbottabad and Peshawar.

He had also displayed his skills of reciting the names of all 127 districts of Pakistan in fifty seconds at an annual function of ANF’s Youth Convention held last month in Rawalpindi.

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