Royal experts have weighed in on the possibility of a “surprise” release of Prince Harry’s memoir amid rumours of “last-minute additions”.

This claim has been made by royal reporter Natalie Oliveri, during a segment on Australia’s Today Show.

There, Ms Oliveri offered an update about the release date for Prince Harry’s memoir and admitted, “Prince Harry is said to be releasing this tell-all book - no date was ever given for this.”

“We were thinking it would happen in September because that was when the publishers said - later this year, in the autumn for the UK.”

“Now, we think it's being delayed because it hasn't been included in a list of the upcoming books on the marketing list. Some were saying that it has been pushed back.”

She also went on to say, “There are suggestions that the Royal Family has potentially intervened here - I think that’s a bit unlikely.”

“But, perhaps we’re going to be seeing a really big launch later this year, a big surprise launch. That’s why we haven't been actually given a date.”