Islamabad-The Ministry of Religious Affairs should amend the process of Nikkah by declaring Urdu or other regional languages’ translation of Arabic verses mandatory in Nikkah sermons.

Nikkah Khawans should be trained enough to recite the Arabic verses recited in the marriage sermon in Urdu or any other regional language in front of the bride and groom. “Let them understand the purpose and style of marriage and conjugal life,” said Pir Syed Haider Ali Gillani, Caretaker Ratayhoter and Bari Imam Shrines, in a letter he wrote to Ministry of Religious Affairs here on Saturday.

“Praise be to Allah. I have started this good deed this year with the marriage of some of my disciples and not only delivered a sermon in Arabic but also translated it into Urdu,” he said. On the following occasions I was surprised to learn that the married men present at all these ceremonies were ignorant of the purpose and meaning of marriage, he said.

Pir Syed Haider Ali Gilani said that most of the married couples could not understand their rights and duties and they continued to pay the price for a long time. “Therefore, I think that if the translation is understood and introduced by Nikkah Khawans, then significant peace can be brought in the lives of the married people,” he mentioned.

He said that Bari Imam House is making efforts to organise training workshops as well as to introduce a booklet to improve the translation skills of Ulema and Nikkah Khawans.

Pir Syed Haider Ali Gilani said that the minister of religious affairs Mufti Abdul Shakoor would be invited soon in Bari Imam House for further consultations over the advice.