Islamabad - Despite a visibly heightened security, presence of CCTV cameras under the Safe City Project and tall claims of the police high ups for curbing crime, criminals are active and incidents of bike lifting continues unabated in the capital city.

Frequent occurrence of such incidents has created a sense of insecurity amongst the residents. According to the police records, as many as 12 bikes and a car were lifted during the last two weeks besides many other incidents in which people were deprived of their valuables in different parts of the city during the last 15 days.

The area of Ramana and Aabpara police stations including sectors G-10 and G-11 have been noted as the favourite place for bike-lifters. However, the crime was not exclusive to these areas as such cases were also reported from other parts of the city. Other areas where bike-lifting incidents were reported during the said period include sector G-6, Super Market and Jhangi Syedan.

According to police data, unknown thieves lifted a bike (RIQ-8877) of Sameer Ahmed from sector G-6/1 from the limits of Aabpara police station on 30 April, 2018. Similarly, unknown bike-lifters deprived Mujeebullah of his bike (ANP-028) from sector G-10/2 in the limits of Ramana police station on 29 April. Huzaifa Hassan was robbed of his bike (FN-065) in sector G-6/1 in the limits of Aabpara police station on 3 May.  Margalla police registered such an incident on 3 May in which some unknown thieves lifted bike (AAM-023) of one Hashir Ali from Faisal Masjid. Unknown persons deprived one Qamar Shahzad of his bike (ALL-167) from sector G-11/4 in the limits of Ramana police station on 30 April. Industrial Area police registered a case regarding the theft of a bike (RIM-6665) belonging to Adish Masih in front of Shifa Hospital in sector I-8 on 28 April. Abdul Raoof reported to Kohsar police that some unknown people lifted his bike (XM-334) from Super Market on 27 April. Robel Shahzad reported to Noon police that his bike (AMP-209) was lifted from Jhangi Syedan area on 4 May. Hussain reported to Ramana police that his bike (RIQ-555) was lifted from sector G-11/1 on 2 May. Moreover, unknown bike-lifters stole the bike (STN-5731) of Shamsur Rehman from F-10 Markaz on 26 April. Muhammad Pervez reported to Karachi Company police that some unknown people deprived him of his bike (RIR-7759) from the area of G-8/4 on 3 May, 2018. Furthermore, Muhammad Imran was robbed of his Toyota Corolla car (LEH-2607) from sector G-10/4 falling in the limits of Ramana police station on 7 May.

Apart from these incidents, over a dozen incidents of burglaries were also reported from various areas of the capital during the month of May. Such incidents continue in the capital despite increased snap checking on the roads and other heightened security measures including a stricter road checking through the Safe City Project. Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Temuri has awarded 10 police officials for their ‘brilliant performance’ against anti-social elements and effective crackdown against drug-pushers, gamblers and those involved in illicit activities. A total of 1398 persons were held for their alleged involvement in anti-social activities. According to details, a total of 381 persons were arrested during the current year so far for their involvement in illicit activities after registration of 68 cases against them. During the corresponding period last year, six cases were registered besides the arrests of 48 persons including 30 males and 18 females for their involvement in illicit activities.

The police said that 512 cases were registered against 606 drug-pushers while 160.089 kilogram hashish, 19.920 kilogram heroin, 775 ice, 14 tranquilizing pills, 2.5 kilogram opium and 12592 wine bottles were also recovered from them. Islamabad police registered a total of 36 cases and arrested 264 gamblers during the current year. Forty-nine cases have been registered during the ongoing year against 147 sheesha smokers while 50 sheesha smokers were held during the last year after the registration of nine cases against them.

IGP Islamabad rewarded the officials for their effective performance against anti-social elements during the last 21 days. Those awarded included Sub-Inspector Muhammad Iqbal from Tarnol police, Sub-Inspector Shehbaz, ASIs Nawazish Ali and Azkar, Sub-Inspector Amjad Ali, ASIs Haider Ali, Akram, Inspector Gulzar Ahmed, ASIs Zulfiqar Ali and Nadeem.