In a new episode of atrocious human rights violations committed by the Indian government, the Sri Ram Sena Chief gave directives to drown out any and all Azaans in the state of Karnataka by playing the Hanuman Chalisa and other Hindu religious hymns. This comes just a few weeks after an Indian official made headlines by seeking to prohibit the hijab in school so that a uniform civil code could be implemented. Countless other orders could be listed here to show how the Muslim population in India has been marginalised systematically and that their cries have been ignored by key global actors.

Members of the Indian state are currently propagating the ‘Azaan se Azaadi’ campaign that aims to completely outlaw the religious call to prayer. Loudspeakers are being removed from mosques across countless states in order to preserve ‘communal harmony’.

Ignoring all other oppressive steps taken against Muslims in India, this act alone is a reflection of the degree of religious radicalism present within the neighbouring country. To disallow Azaans is to infringe upon the right of a community to profess and practice their religion freely. This is an internationally recognised inalienable right and yet, there is little pressure put upon the Indian government to adhere to the human rights convention by the global community.

Pakistan has condemned the act on a global platform but it is up to the Foreign Ministry to ring alarm bells over the worsening situation. Consulates in different countries, along with embassies, must ensure that they voice their concerns and denounce such developments within India with the fervour to force key players to play their part in improving the situation.

The most that countries like the US and UK—each of which are representatives of democratic morality, freedom and are enforcers of accountability—have done is make statements announcing that they have ‘concerns about the human rights violations taking place in India’. Not once have they taken practical steps that dissuade Indian authorities from repressing the rights of the Muslims. They must take measures that live up their rhetoric on human rights by enacting policies like sanctions since they would build enough economic pressure all the while serving as an official recognition of the countless violations.