LONDON - Eva Mendes said she might return to acting after a long break, however, she has a list of rules that she would like to stick to in choosing scripts.

During an appearance on The View, the actress said she took a break to raise her daughters she shares with partner Ryan Gosling. She told Whoopi Goldberg, “You know, Whoopi, I have such a short list of what I will do. Before kids I was kind of up for anything.” “I mean, if it was a fun project, but now I don’t want to do violence, I don’t want to do... the list is short,” the 48-year-old added. When asked if the mother of two would consider taking on a project that met her criteria, the actress replied, “I hope so. I would like to.” “It has to be nice and clean,” Eva added as Whoopi suggested, “Stuff like Disney does.” Eva responded, “Disney, perfect.” She last appeared on big screen The Lost River which was written and directed by the La La Land star. The actress started dating Gosling in 2011, with whom she shares two daughters; Esmeralda, 7, and Amada, 5.