Pak students take part in national campaign from UK University

LAHORE   -   The achievements of its students in Pakistan are being celebrated in an international campaign from the University of London, a prestigious UK based University which specialises in online and distance learning. The campaign features alumni and current students who are unlocking their potential by studying through the University of London while remaining here in Pakistan.

Called ‘Join the Worldclass’, the campaign features the words, real-life stories and experiences of the students and graduates themselves and highlights the life-changing power that access to high quality higher education can offer. By choosing to study with the University of London, students join a global community of scholars, a ‘world class’, made up of 40,000 students in 190 countries who are all studying for their University of London degree while staying in their home country.

Looqman Khan is enrolled in his third year of LLB honours at Denning. He chose Denning because of the quality of education they provide, and is also attached to the law firm of a colleague:

“In the morning, I go to my work, and in the evening, I have my classes at Denning. I live in Malir, and we have got amazing roads for cycling, so I go cycling in my spare time. The major benefit I see with the teaching centre is that we are totally engaged with teachers. There is no time barrier with teachers. We are always connected with teachers. Whenever we want to avail the time with them, we can have it.”

Inaya Danish is a third-year student on the University of London LLB programme at Szabist. She says she chose the programme because she doesn’t see law as a career path but as a passion: “Ever since the earliest dreams of my future, I have always envisioned myself as a lawyer. Even in home videos from when I was young, I would always proudly say that ‘when I grow up, I want to be a lawyer’.

“So, when the time came for me to choose a programme, the University of London LLB program caught my attention. I compared it to the programmes in my country, and I learned that the University of London programme would provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the law in a short amount of time. The determining factor for me was that I could pursue this programme without leaving my country and my family behind. So, it felt as if everything was falling into place for me, and this programme was the perfect fit.”

The University of London’s online and distance learning models ensure that students can pursue prestigious international degrees, either through fully online independent study or a more structured learning experience with face-to-face support, while studying at their own pace from wherever they are in the world. The face-to-face support is provided through a network of Regional Teaching Centres. The University of London has been working with partners in Pakistan since 2002 and has forged strong links with 18 Recognised Teaching Centres across the country.

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