Fate of PIA

The decision by PIA to eradicate a Revenue Management System that offered its clients a variety of competitive fares based on seasonal loads and routes will only translate into loss of much needed revenue. Instead of stopping pilferages by the nexus of corrupt executives within PIA marketing, procurement and corporate planning divisions, an incompetent management has decided to raise fares astronomically high.Perhaps the only solution lies in closing down this airline, followed by rehiring the best and most qualified of employees. Airline all over the world, faced with similar problems, have resorted to such remedial measures to get rid of the cancers that afflict them from within. Political interference by the sitting government and the dictator that preceded them have destroyed PIA. Unfortunately the crisis that afflicts PIA is not lack of passengers, nor skilled human resources, but its mismanagement and massive pilferage by a corrupt and incompetent management dominated by unqualified cronies, all with a controversial political background. GULL ZAMAN, Peshawar, November 2.

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