ISLAMABAD - While Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is soul searching following its failure to gather much public support for its “Islamabad lockdown”, the party now is planning to re-organise Insaf Students Federation (ISF) to “find fresh blood for its future leadership.”

Jehangir Khan Tareen, the other day, through a notification appointed deputy secretary general of the PTI and its MNA Murad Saeed as the focal person and organiser of the ISF, the student wing of the party.

Murad Saeed, who remained central president of the ISF for four years followed by his election, says that he has been tasked by the central leadership to re-organise the ISF.  Imran Khan had picked Murad Saeed as the party candidate for National Assembly from KP during 2013 General Elections because of his contribution to the ISF.

Saeed, while talking to The Nation, claimed that he was the founder of the ISF and he wanted to replicate the KP model of the ISF in the entire country.

"The party wants to re-organise the ISF," he said.

Saeed said that he would work as a focal person and play the role of a bridge between the ISF and the central leadership of the party to resolve the issues of the federation.

"We will make ISF an institution, however the present body will continue with its work and new membership drive for the federation would start soon," the MNA said.

Saeed said that the PTI through the ISF would make the youth understand democracy and working of the democratic institutions better.

"The ISF will act as a nursery as well as provide fresh blood for the future leadership of the party," he said.

Explaining the details of the ISF's hierarchy in KP, he said that at time of new admissions in all educational institutions, new membership drive for the ISF was started for every year and then new members were asked to elect their cabinet.

"The cabinet of every educational institution is asked to elect the leadership of district," he said, adding that each district had two votes to elect the provincial president of ISF.

He while giving example said that Punjab had 70 votes as it had now 35 districts and in KP 50 votes because it had 25 districts.

"We will celebrate 10th founding day of ISF on November 17 in Islamabad and after celebrations, the central executive committee (CEC) meeting of the ISF would be called to finalise all matters pertaining to the elections, membership and its hierarchy,” the parliamentarian said.

I will make visits throughout the country and will complete the re-organisation process within three months, Saeed said.

He said that the ISF elections were already held three times in KP, two times in Punjab and once in Sindh.

Provincial president of the ISF is elected for two years and for a district, for one year. Arsalan Chaudhry, central president of the ISF while talking to The Nation said that the federation was promoting the vision of chairman Imran Khan with the slogan of “knowledge, tolerance and justice”.

"We are promoting the rights of students, and promoting a positive culture of tolerance and participation among them," he said.  Chaudhry said that nine departments work under each district president of the ISF.  He endorsed that Saeed, as a focal person would bridge the gap between the ISF and the PTI leadership.

Chaudhry will look into our affairs and convey our concerns as well as needs to the party's main leadership.

"Saeed has been appointed to facilitate us," he said.