Imran says PTI wants next army chief on ‘merit’

LAHORE/GUJRAT     -        Former prime minister and PTI chief has claimed that the coalition government will never appoint the next army chief on merit saying its leader Nawaz Sharif wants the new army chief of his choice. However, the PTI wants merit should prevail for the appointment the high profile position of the Pakistan’s armed Forces. “Nawaz Sharif would not allow army chief’s appointment on merit as because they want to control the institutions to save their looted wealth,” Imran said this while addressing the PTI’s long march in Gujrat via video link from Lahore yesterday. Imran claimed PML-N has a history of influencing and attempting state institutions to save their looted wealth and evade accountability. He said Prime Minister Shehbaz went to London to take important decisions of Pakistan with the consultation of his “absconder” brother. “The one [Nawaz] who looted country for the 30 years will make decisions about army chief’s appointment, elections date and caretaker setup,” he said with surprise. Imran said the decisions that are being taken in London were not aimed at strengthening institutions “because Sharif family does not believe in merit”. Imran said “big dacoits and thieves” strike deals with authorities to save themselves as he stressed the need for the “rule of law” in Pakistan.“The man who is weak (status wise) rots in jails for committing small felonies, while big thieves get what they want,” Khan said. The PTI chief said since influential people get what they want, society was now witnessing anarchy as everyone who could not make ends meet resorted to theft. Sharing his annoyance with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Khan claimed that the ECP connived with the coalition government to not introduce electronic voting machines (EVM). “Ninety percent of rigging can be eliminated through EVM,” the former premier maintained. Imran Khan asked the nation to participate in his party’s long march for generations to come, adding that it is important to bring justice and prosperity to the country. “Justice means that everyone is equal under the law. This is not the case in Pakistan. Successful countries around the world have strong institutions. A strong country stands upon strong institutions,” the PTI chief said. Khan added that a country could never prosper if there is no rule of law. He told the long march’s participants that overseas Pakistanis are familiar with justice, and they leave because it doesn’t exist here. The PTI chief’s statement came a day after PML-N supremo Nawaz and PM Shehbaz Sharif decided that all decisions concerning the political affairs of the country will be taken at the ruling party’s will and judgement “without caving under any pressure from anyone”. Imran claimed former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and the PML-N supremo have destroyed the country by plundering national wealth. “They have been sending [looted] money abroad and that causes shortage of dollar in the country.”

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