Politicians start motivating voters before polls

ISLAMABAD   -  It is a well-k n o w n fact that the pol­i t i c i a n s know the art to lure their vot­ers before the elec­tion during the election campaigns. 

The voters, at the same time, are per­haps much ‘innocent’ to always believe in tall claims about changing the lives of the peoples and bringing positive changes in respective constituencies. 

The voter turnout in sizzling hot weather and even in bone-chill­ing winter, as per the country’s election his­tory, had never been disappointing, which reflects the ‘high hopes’ from their contenders. Though there are several ways to gauge the performance of politicians at macro level and micro level. At macro level, we can see how Pakistan recently escaped from economic de­fault and the tale of micro level social welfare developments are almost not different in all the constituencies.

The parliamentary record, gath­ered by independent entities, reveals more than half of the politicians never bother to raise a single ‘Point of order’ over the issues of their con­stituency during the five-year term in the national assembly. Sharing the tricks to lure the voters in their re­spective constituencies, political ex­perts viewed that the politicians near the elections start giving importance to the voters in their constituencies by attending the marriages, school functions and never seen missing the related events especially in the days of election campaigns. Some of them, following the long list pre­pared during the election campaign, start visiting homes of voters to offer fateha to the bereaved family mem­bers over the deaths of their relatives and in some cases handing over some money. The hustle and bustle includ­ing arrangements of meals near the houses of political contenders till the date of election would be a normal scene in almost every constituency.

The politicians, who were unavail­able to listen to the grievances of their particular areas, these days, are easily accessible to everyone. With the an­nouncement of the election schedule [February 08, 2024] and freezing voter lists by the election regulatory au­thority, the same kind of activities can be seen in all the constituencies. The country’s main political parties have started political activities with corner meetings in their respective areas. From union councils to wards, the of­fice bearers and workers have started both paperwork and practically mo­tivating their voters. A major stage of contacts with potential candidates will start from next week, as interviews and short meetings with party leadership and bigwigs have been started. The se­lection of candidates and awarding the tickets would start in the next month, as this is also a season of changing loy­alties. The turn-coats normally prefer to switch parties during the election campaigns. In this upcoming election, the list might beat all the records. The electables across the country have also started flexing their muscles to contest the polls 2024 from their areas.

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