Haider, Malik write to UN for Yasin Malik release

MUZAFFARABAD-AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider and former interior minister Senator Rehman Malik have written separate letters to the United Nations, calling for the release of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik.
In the letter addressed to UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, the AJK prime minister requested the UN to take notice of illegal detention of Yasin Malik by Indian forces. The letter said that Malik was critically ill.
Yasin Malik’s wife Mishal Malik in interviews has been saying that the Indian Army has kept him in a narrow cubicle where he was denied access to medical treatment or drinking water.
“The Indian Army has not let Yasin take his medicines or eat food for one and a half months now. He has not had a drop of water to drink since the last six days,” she said. She added that her husband had developed a stone in his kidney.
PPP leader Senator Rehman Malik in his letter drew attention of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the most recent aggression and barbarism by Indian forces against the innocent people of India occupied Kashmir and the arrest of Yasin Malik. He said that Yasin Malik is languishing in custody of the Indian Military at Humhuma Joint Interrogation Centre in Srinagar.
Rehman Malik said that Mr Malik has been shifted to the notorious Humhuma Joint Interrogation Centre where he is being inflicted with inhuman torture and solitary confinement, without access to basic medical care. He is a chronic patient of kidney disease and has a metallic valve in his heart, he pointed out.
He urged the UN HC Human Rights to intervene justly, and persuade Indian Government to allow his family to visit Yasin Malik, and to provide him the basic health facilities at the earliest, lest his life is lost due to insensitivity and highhandedness of the Indian Army in Kashmir.

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