ISLAMABAD   -    Hundreds of allotees of sectors F-14 and F-15 are eying towards the Supreme Court to get their plots because the Federal Gov­ernment Employees Housing Authority has failed to actively pursue its case in the apex court. 

At present, multiple peti­tions filed by FGEHA and oth­ers against the Islamabad High Court’s judgment, which had scrapped the government’s re­vised policy on the allotment of plots in the capital on subsi­dized rates to top judges, law­yers and bureaucrats are pend­ing before the apex court. It is a general perception that the beneficiaries of this scheme are top bureaucrats and judges of the higher judiciary alone but the fact is that a large number of allottees are middle class government servants, who are suffering due to this litigation. For instance, a grade 20 retired female officer of the education department while talking to this scribe shared her misery and said, “I had deposited Rs 3 million to the FGEHA sev­eral years ago but still I am waiting for the plot.” “We are living in very tough economic conditions but nobody is will­ing to listen to our hardships,” she said, requesting: “It is my humble request to the Supreme Court to either give a go ahead to the scheme or scrap it once for all.” Another government of­ficer while talking to this scribe informed that she had depos­ited her hard earned savings to FGEHA, which were meant for the weddings of her daughters.

Besides aforementioned do­mestic miseries being faced by genuine allotees due to the delay in the execution of said scheme, an ‘investor mafia’ is also in ad­vantageous position, which pur­chases plots from such govern­ment employees on a throwaway price by arguing that the court case will linger on for a long pe­riod of time. The said scheme was conceived in 2015, when CDA and the FGEHF agreed to initiate a housing scheme in Sec­tor F-14 and F-15. Accordingly, the Housing and Works Secre­tary initiated a summary regard­ing acquisition of land for these sectors, which was approved by the prime minister. Following the approval, two notifications under the relevant sections of the Land Acquisition Act were issued by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) commissioner on May 20, 2015 and December 4, 2015, which were declared void ab intio by the IHC in a case filed by the local land owners, whose land was acquired by the state for these sectors.

However, later the issue of ac­quisition of land in sectors F-14 and F-15 was also taken to the Supreme Court, which decided the matter on many points, in­cluding the point of acquisition for a housing scheme consti­tuting a valid public purpose. The FGEHA had conducted a balloting early in 2022 and al­lotted the plot numbers to its members falling under the Membership Drive Phase-II but unfortunately ignored some of the members listed in Member­ship Drive Phase-I. Resultantly, the matter once again went into litigation before the IHC, which declared the allotment of plots to judges, bureaucrats and government employees in the special sectors of the federal capital as “unconstitutional”—affecting six serving and sev­eral retired judges.