LAHORE   -   Following the federal govern­ment’s decision to recover and collect the fuel price adjustment surcharge, 2.2m consumers of LE­SCO will have to pay bills amount­ing to over Rs3.5 billion in six in­stallments from October 2022 to March 2023, it has been learnt. Earlier in June this year, the federal government had decided to give relief to the consumers and stopped collecting FPA sur­charge on electricity bills. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had also announced that the government will not collect fuel surcharge from consumers consuming up to 300 units. The power division also issued two notifications regarding this relief package. In the first noti­fication, relief for consumers using up to 200 units of electricity was announced while in the second notification, this package was ex­tended from 200 to 300 units. The decision to provide relief in the electricity bills was taken by the federal government after the pro­testors stormed into the LESCO office, Lahore and people in various cities across Pakistan demonstrated against the im­mense hike in the electricity bills. Now, it seems the government took this decision temporarily under the pressure of prolonged protests and as soon as the public anger sub­sided a little bit, the government decided to impose the fuel price adjustment surcharge again on the consumers. This surcharge will be recovered in the form of FPA on electricity bills across the country