LAHORE    -   Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi on Sunday said that the provincial gov­ernment believed in giving relief to the people instead of creating difficulties for them. Addressing the office bearers and members of Lahore Press Club in a func­tion organized in their honour here, he said: “We only think of giving relief to the people and not giving any pain or grief. I would think daily which kind of noble deed should I do to serve the people.” 

The chief minister claimed that Punjab government was ahead of everyone in doing welfare work. He said that he will ensure the system of donation and their usage mechanism to be transparent. The CM questioned why Shehbaz Sharif was trying to convince the United Nations Secretary General by holding his hand re­garding the transparent usage of the funds. “She­hbaz Sharif knows how to ask for money. What can be expected from Shehbaz Sharif and Miftah Ismail”., he asked. 

Parvez said that his government will be provid­ing solar tube-wells to the flood affected farmers. “Pakistani citizen and American businessman - Tahir Javed will also help with regard to provid­ing solar pumps to the flood affectees on my call,” he added. The CM apprised that the relief amount to be given to the heirs of the deceased during the flood has been increased to Rs1 million. “We will provide financial aid amounting to Rs4 lakhs on the collapse of a concrete house and Rs2 laks on the collapse of a clay house. We will provide Rs75,000 to the owners of the livestock due to drowning of their livestock in the flood. “We will provide a 40 percent subsidy on food items to the homeless persons due to floods.”

He said that more than Rs2.5 billion had been collected in the telethon for the flood affectees, adding that the government will ensure transpar­ency in the relief package. He said audit will also be done and those found involved in doing em­bezzlements will be punished. “Journalists played a commendable role for bringing the problems of the flood affectees to surface during the floods. The work of journalists’ brothers is difficult and their problems should be resolved on priority. 

The CM announced that a patrolling post will be set up in the journalists housing society to eradi­cate it from the land grabbers. A message has been conveyed to the Inspector General of Police that land grabbing on the plots of the members of the Lahore Press Club will not be tolerated. He further announced that it is included in our pri­orities to provide shelter to the journalists add­ing that on getting an appropriate land, Phase-2 of the Journalists Housing Society will be estab­lished. He further announced that free operation facility will be provided to the members of Lahore Press Club, adding that immediate treatment of the office bearers will be started with the col­laboration of Lahore Press Club and the expenses will be paid by the government. The chief minister apprised that if there was a vacant place then the allottees of the B-Block Press Club will be provided at an alternate place. The grant amount­ing to Rs2 crore will be made part of the budget for the Lahore Press Club. Assis­tance will also be provided to pay the life insurance premium of the members of the LPC. The CM disclosed that a hous­ing society for the journalists will also be established in Faisalabad, adding that the proposal to establish housing societ­ies for the journalists in other cities will also be reviewed. “We will also construct a building for the press club in big cities. We want to work for the welfare of the journalists, cameramen, photographers and sound light staff members. We will also provide assistance for improving the sewerage system in the journalists hous­ing society. We have made Rescue-1122 an excel­lent institution, and will also provide medicines during emergencies. The possession process to the allottees of the F-Block has been started”. 

Later, the CM distributed possession letters for the F-Block to the family members of the de­ceased journalists. Parvez also gave a cheque of Rs1.5 crore to the President Lahore Press Club, Azam Chaudhry. He also announced to increase the annual grant of the Photo Journalists Asso­ciation to Rs10 lakhs. The chief minister also administered an oath from the members of the Governing Body of the LPC. Shields were also distributed among the Adviser on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema, spokesman to CM Fayya­zul Hassan Chohan, Iqbal Chaudhry, Secretary Information Raja Mansoor Ahmed, DGPR Afraz Ahmed and to Rao Pervaiz Akhtar in the cere­mony. CPNE President Kazim Khan, office bear­ers and members of LPC, and the concerned of­ficials participated in the ceremony.