LAHORE   -   With the genetically modified crops and edibles flooding our markets and use of polluted water to irrigate vegetable farms, people have started worrying about their health looking for chemicals and pesticides free diet. As the population grows world over increasing the demand of edibles, dif­ferent multi-nationals and local companies have started using the modified seeds be­sides other additives to enhance production of fruits and vegetables. Use of pesticides and insecticides is another phenomenon adulterating our crops and farms produce resulting in health hazards, cost the people in millions due to eating unhealthy food products. Experts believe that due to mul­tiple pollutants and soil fertility issues, the current human diet was resulting in suscep­tibility to both infectious and chronic dis­eases. Therefore, these experts are strongly advocating promotion of kitchen gardening deeming it quite possible for people to or­ganically nurture fruit and vegetable plants at their lawns and rooftop by using natural fertilizer, organic seeds and fresh ground water. The United Nations Food and Agricul­ture Organization (FAO) has envisaged that if the world population reaches nine billion by 2050, the people would require an addi­tional 70 percent food items for their con­sumption. This tendency would exert ex­treme pressure on available agriculture land to produce more and more food items with fears of compromised food standards as well as shortage in certain areas. Biological scientists say that organic-produce tends to contain good level of vitamin C and a lower level of nitrates. “Organically grown food is produced without the use of synthetic pesti­cides, synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation,” said National Agricultural Research Institute (NARC) Scientist Dr. Noorullah.