PDM asks Imran Khan to surrender or go to jail instead of home

ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Democrat­ic Movement (PDM) spokesperson Hafiz Hamdullah Sunday crit­icised Imran Khan’s pro­gramme of public rallies and warned him that he will have to surrender or go to Adiala Jail.

In a press state­ment, Hafiz said that the nation is drown­ing in floods, but Tsu­nami Khan was only thinking of rallies for proving his power. “Imran Khan sets up ‘music festivals’ daily and makes speeches,” he added. While criti­cising Khan’s speech­es, Hafiz said that Im­ran Khan has become habitual of talking ill about the courts, chief election commission­er, journalists and po­litical opponents. Even the United Nations’ secretary general and the whole world are busy in helping to get Pakistan out of the di­saster, but Khan was only busy making alle­gations and threats to institutions, , he said.

He further said that every other thing he says and does is just an act of hypoc­risy. Hamdullah warned Imran Khan if he does not surrender, his abode will be Adiala jail instead of his com­fortable Bani Gala home

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