KHANEWAL     -  During the last one month, district po­lice Khanewal has busted several dangerous inter-district gangs involved in heinous crimes and recov­ered from their possession looted motorcycles, cars, jewellery, weapons, cash and other goods worth crores of rupees stolen or looted in various incidents. Protection of life and prop­erty of people, provision of justice without discrimina­tion and elimination of tra­ditional police culture are their top priority. Crimi­nals, no matter how power­ful they are, cannot escape the grip of the law. These views were expressed by District Police Officer (DPO) Jalil Imran Ghalzai in a meeting with the del­egation of Senior Working Journalists Forum, district Press Club Khanewal who met them under the lead­ership of President, Anjum Bashir Ahmad on Sunday. Ghalzai said that protec­tion of life and property of the people of Khanewal district, change of tradi­tional police culture, pro­vision of justice without discrimination is the first priority. He further said that corrupt policemen and officers have no place in their team and strict ac­tion will be taken against the policemen involved in corruption and neglect of duty. He further said that in one month, a dangerous gang involved in serious in­cidents like theft, robbery, robbery was arrested and more than 5 crore worth of motorcycles, cars, jew­ellery, weapons, cash and other stolen items recov­ered from their possession.